About Us

A marvel of nature located right where the Datça Peninsula greets the Gulf of Gökova, the cove of Bördübet got its name from the words “birds’ bed,” coined by English soldiers who stayed in the cove during war and fell in awe of the region’s great variety of birds and the incredible canopy of nature that houses them. Over time, their “Birds’ Bed” came to be called Bördübet by the locals.

After a short trip through the pine trees accompanied by the sound of birds chirping, you will come across Ada 360, which has a view overlooking all of the Gulf of Gökova. The complex includes a beach, an a la carte restaurant, and a terrace overlooking a mesmerizing view of Gökova. Once you’re at the top of Ada 360, we guarantee you won’t want to leave the delicious fare, the wines from our rich cellar, and of course the warm conversations.